Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

Fifty-Fifty Petrel Tournament Official Rules

*Lines in 8:00am Lines Out 3:00pm
*Weigh-in only at Toler’s Cove Marina
*Scales open 5-7pm and Absolutely NO late weigh-ins
*Fish and/or release affidavits may be transported to the scales by any means of transportation and must be received by the weigh-in committee prior to scales closing.
*Any mention of Small Craft(“Small Craft Advisory”, Small Craft should exercise caution”, etc) by 5:00AM on the fish day will cancel that day’s fishing.
*Committee Boat’s crew can override the “small craft advisory/warning” if necessary
*The makeup weather day for the tournament will be the following day of the originally scheduled fish day.
*Boats withdrawing from the tournament must contact a committee boat or tournament
committee member by 8:00am on that fish day. If properly withdrawn prior to 8:00am , 90% of the entry fee will be returned. You may phone Kevin Austin(843.693.1977) or a committee boat to withdraw. Tournament channel is 78
*All winning captains are subject to a polygraph test at the discretion of the tournament committee. No disbursement of winnings will occur until after the polygraph is administered to the participant in question. Any polygraph test will be paid for by the tournament.

Fifty-Fifty Tournament Only

*If you have entered this division you are fishing for dolphin and/ or wahoo based upon your entry.
*You may fish any way you want meaning you can use j-hooks, circle hooks, lures, plugs, whatever you desire.
*Dolphin/Wahoo pays out 1st and 2nd place with a 60/30 split
*“Winner Take All” is a 100% payout to the angler with the dolphin closest(over or under) to the random weight drawn at the captains meeting. We will draw a weight at the captains meeting from a bucket and will announce what the “Winner Take All” weight is. You are allowed to weight ONE dolphin for the “Winner Take All” division.
*You must enter the Dolphin Category to be able to enter the “Winner Take All”
*Any tie break will be given to the first fish weighed
*Can only weight ONE fish per category
*Outstanding Youth Angler(15yrs and under) are awarded trophies for 1st and 2nd place of each division
*Outstanding Lady Angler are awarded trophies for 1st and 2nd place for each division.
*CCA Ecology Award typically honors a fellow fisherman that has left us too early. We honor them by giving out a trophy to the angler that obtains the most points for tagged and released fish. You are given 10pts per dolphin and 100pts per wahoo. 1st place trophy only.

Petrel Tournament Division

*If you entered this division you are targeting sailfish, white marlin, or blue marlin.
*You must have an HMS Permit
*You must use circle hooks with natural bait
*You may only use J-Hooks when pulling artificial lures ONLY
*Passing the rod is okay
*You do not have to enter the Fifty-Fifty Division to enter the Petrel Division. If you do enter both divisions you must use circle hooks when fishing natural baits.
Blue Marlin-300pts
White Marlin-200pts
*Only released billfish count, and any boated billfish are an automatic Disqualification for the Tournament and NO Points are given
*The mate touching the leader(not the double line) or the swivel reaching the rod tip constitutes a successful release.
*Tagging is not required to earn points towards the tournament but is encouraged.
*All billfish releases must be reported to a committee boat.
*Completed paperwork to weighmaster by 7pm
*Tie will be broken based on Release time, if one should occur
*All state and federal regulations are applicable in catching, handling, and releasing of all billfish.